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Melnor 3900H Heavy Duty Metal Pulsating Sprinkler

lawn sprinkler If you're looking for a serious lawn sprinkler you can still count on 10 years from now, try this pulsating lawn sprinkler from the Melnor Heritage line. It is built of durable, non corrosive, all-metal parts and is guaranteed by Melnor for as long as you own your home. The base is constructed of durable steel, heavily coated and sealed in black enamel. The hose coupling and sprinkler apparatus are made of brass, a metal known to hold up indefinitely to weather. This model covers a maximum radius of 50 feet, or 7,850 square feet in a circular shape. The lawn sprinkler adjusts to water anywhere between 30 degrees to a full 360 degrees. You can lower the stream to cut spray radius down for smaller watering jobs. With this capacity and versatility, you should be able to cover most yard sizes and shapes in just a couple of passes. If you've got a large yard and plan on keeping it green for a long time to come, this lawn sprinkler is worth considering. It is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

I purchased three different lawn sprinklers in the hope of finding a good one...all from this manufacturer. For the price I was a little skeptical but all were well made - all metal construction - but this was by far the best of the lot. The distribution pattern mimics rain - very even and good coverage throughout without excessive soaking in one area and dry patches in others. Droplets rather than mist so less evaportation - important in Florida - but the droplets are very fine so not prone to harm even tender young seedlings. Another nice feature is the ability to daisy chain several together. I'm back to buy a few more - great price, excellent product. I'll try to update later to discuss durability but at least initially - very pleased.